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hype n : blatant or sensational promotion [syn: ballyhoo, hoopla, plug]

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  1. Promotion or advertisement; especially, exaggerated claims.
    After all the hype for the diet plan, only the results ended up slim.




  1. To promote heavily; to advertise or build up.
    They started hyping the new magazine months before its release.


to promote

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Hype may refer to:
  • Hype (album), 1981 album by Robert Calvert
  • Hype (TV series), American comedy television series
  • Hype!, documentary about the popularity of grunge rock in the early to mid 1990
  • Hype! (soundtrack), soundtrack to the Hype! documentary
  • Hype cycle, graphic representation of the maturity, adoption and business application of specific technologies
  • Hype Energy, brand of of high-energy drinks

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

LSD user, acidhead, acknowledgment, addict, advocate, alcoholic, appreciation, back, blurb, boost, buildup, chain smoker, cocaine sniffer, cokie, commend, commendation, cry up, cubehead, dipsomaniac, dope fiend, doper, drug abuser, drug addict, drug user, drunkard, fiend, freak, glue sniffer, good word, habitual, head, heavy smoker, honorable mention, hophead, junkie, marijuana smoker, methhead, narcotics addict, pillhead, plug, pothead, promote, promotion, puff, recognition, recommend, snowbird, speak highly of, speak warmly of, speak well of, speed freak, support, tout, tripper, user
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